As a lifestyle entrepreneur, Karen Bomm realized her passion before profit philosophy was more in alignment to Main Street than Wall Street. Her true entrepreneur spirit has been documented with a variety of clients.

Karen has designed numerous collaborative strategies to help authors rank.  As an International Best Selling Author herself, her inspiration is built on real life experience and action.  She was the Founder of and recently launched

Karen combines her personal interest in helping small business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and publishers with documented strategies to help present the BIG Picture .  She develops common sense strategies with unique storytelling content methods to optimize market growth for indie authors through self-publishing.

Karen’s Mission:

Offer simple, affordable marketing strategies designed to support business owners, entrepreneurs, artists, authors and publishers that create volunteer marketing armies through multiple publishing platforms, social media, launches and more!

Attract leaders with integrity, honor, respect, and commitment as their core values (connect with Karen below).

Focus on optimizing self-publishing for indie authors interested in expanding a their voice and brand with strategies designed to incorporate virtual communities to network, share, engage, grow, learn while generating ROI (Return on Investment).

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